The indulgence menu

What is "The Indulgence Menu"?

"The Indulgence Menu" is a "surprise date night activity journal" designed for couples. It offers a curated selection of creative date ideas and activities to help couples plan and execute their date nights.

Is it a cookbook?

We are foodies who love a good themed-adventure. "The Indulgence Menu" is merely filled with recipes for a good time.

NOT A COOKBOOK - So don't expect to be cooking on EVERY date ;)

Is it suitable for all couples?

Yes, "The Indulgence Menu" is designed for couples of all ages and stages. Whether you're in a new relationship or celebrating many years together, you'll find exciting date night ideas not only to suit your preferences but stretch your comfort zones as you learn more about each other.

Can we customise the date ideas?

Absolutely! "The Indulgence Menu" provides fantastic date night recipe, and no recipe was ever designed to be followed to a T. Personalise them based on your preferences and interests and make each experience uniquely yours.

Don't be shy to share your adventures with us and our community here on our website or on our socials!

Are the date ideas budget-friendly?

Yes, all our recipes have been designed to accommodate to all budgets. You'll find a mix of activities and suggestions ensuring there's always something for everyone, regardless of financial considerations.

Can I gift wrap it?

Every-single-one of our "Menus" have been carefully packaged to be a well received gift... be it from us to you, from you to your partner or from you to a loving couple.

We really believe in the product we have created and how it can allow couples to experience and learn more together. No matter who it is for we consider it a gift 😉

How do we scratch off the date nights?

Every copy of "The Indulgence Menu" comes with it's own little scratch-off tool designed with love.

Are there any digital components?

Currently, "The Indulgence Menu" is a physical journal. However, we're actively exploring digital options to enhance the experience. Stay tuned for updates!

We have provided some date night resources accessible to anyone who has purchased a copy. Check "Date Night Resources" below to read about them further.

Is it suitable for long-distance couples?

Absolutely! "The Indulgence Menu" was initially created by a long-distance couple. For those that are fortunate to see each other every once in a while we encourage you to use this journal to help you plan your dates and time together to be even more special. However, the date ideas are flexible and can be adapted for in-person or virtual experiences, making it perfect for couples separated by distance.

Where is the product made?

Our founders created this journal all over the world on their long distance journey - together and apart. It started in the UK and spread through Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. It has been shared with couples all over to make it what it is today and is being exclusively released in the UK where it began.

This journal is designed to suit all couples and our goal is to share it with couples all around the globe. As we grow we hope to expand region by region.

Printing has already been tested in multiple regions and we prioritise quality and efficiency with awareness to our carbon footprint. As such, we are currently producing in batches to limit our impact without sacrificing quality.

How can I share my experience with "The Indulgence Menu"?

We truly hope you are having a wonderful experience. Please share your thoughts with us on our review page.

We'd love to hear about all your date night adventures! Share your stories, photos, or feedback on social media using our official hashtag (#TheIndulgenceMenu), and don't forget to tag us (@ricenjelly).

Your experiences will inspire others!

Date night resources

Do you have more suggestions for the recipes you've provided in the journal?

On every recipe page you will find our QR code at the bottom. Follow this QR code or head to our resources page and sign in to an account with the email you made the purchase.

This will unlock extra resources for every single one of the date nights on our menus.

Contact us below if you experience any issues :)

What do these resources consist of?

At Rice n Jelly we pride ourselves as your date night hosts, we've left you a personal video of us describing the date night before you in greater colour and detail. [WIP]

We have also provided links to any relevant tutorials or suggested purchases to help you speed up your procurement of ingredients and smoothen out your date night prep.

We've followed the QR code from the recipe page, where are the extra resources?

Follow through the linktr.ee to the resources page.

In order to see the resources you'll have to sign into the account you made the purchase with. If you did not make an account before purchasing you will need to create one using the same email you purchased with.

Don't be afraid to contact us if you need assistance!

Shipping / returns

How quickly can I expect my delivery?

We are providing all our UK customers with free shipping - you can expect these to arrive within 4 working days.

(Cut-off time 3pm)

All orders made before 14th Feb 2024 are considered pre-order purchases. If stock is not yet ready you may have to be patient with us!

Do you ship to the EU / globally?

For our initial batch we are unfortunately only selling to the UK.

If you are dying to get your hands one and you don't live in the UK, reach out to us and we'll see what we can do!

When will you be selling "The Indulgence Menu" around the world?

We are hoping to share this with couples all over the world as early as possible.

We aim to be expanding our regions with our second batch, so be sure to drop us your email so we can get a good gauge of demand to ensure that everyone who needs one gets one!

What is your returns policy?

While we sincerely hope that you won't need to process a return with us - for whatever the reason!

You can find our returns policy here.

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