Our story

Welcome to Rice n Jelly, where we unlock the extraordinary path to reaching heights that are unattainable alone. We call it the power of two.

Our Rice n Jelly characters are on their journey to attain this power. They represent any couple of any kind, anywhere in the world. Together, they embark on a journey of joy, adventure and indulgence.

The ride has just begun, join us!

  • Community

    At the heart of Rice n Jelly is our mission—to cultivate a vibrant community of couples who cherish and prioritise their relationships.

    We're not just about date nights; we're about building a space where couples can share their stories, exchange ideas, and support each other in the pursuit of love-filled adventures.

    We're creating a community that values connection, creativity, and the shared experience of indulgence.

  • Innovation

    We understand the profound impact quality time can have on relationships. It's an opportunity to connect, learn more about each other, and discover shared passions.

    Our commitment to innovation fuels the creation of products like the Indulgence Menu. That ensure couples always have access to fun, unique and intentional time together.

    We seek out new ways for us to create stories for each other. Let's redefine the landscape of couples' experiences!

  • Wellness

    In order to be a good partner we must all be good to ourselves. We want couples to cultivate a relationship that not only survives but thrives.

    We champion practices that foster physical and mental wellness through balanced lifestyles of physical activity, variety, self-care, open communication and mindfulness.

    Our journal is only the start of breaking down the barriers to doing what's good for ourselves. We are open to anyone facing challenge in life, reach out to us <3.